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Christmas Tree became home to many Backyard Birds

(the start of a Children’s Book)

O n a cold and windy day in January, along the banks of Breton Bay, a male Cardinal, so bright against the stark and bleak background, takes shelter by tucking in a bit into my Mom’s evergreen! That little tree has quite a history!

Photo credit: Peg Duchesne, author

Years before, that little Evergreen tree…

Civil Rights and Social Justice |Martin Luther King, Jr. | John Lewis | Elijah Cummings | Gandhi | Nonviolent Resistance | Civil Unrest | Professor Dana Greene

Reflections on the Impacts from a College Course Last a Lifetime

O n this weekend each and every year, when we celebrate the life and incredible contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr., I reflect back to one of my St. Mary’s College of Maryland classes, taken during Winter Term (“mini-mester”), when a group of students would gather at the home of…

Reflections on the challenges and rewards of being a caregiver for a loved one

It’s been over four years since I moved in to my Mom’s home to become her primary caregiver, when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. These are some reflections along the way, on this journey of caregiving.

C ompassion

In order to be a caregiver, one needs to have a sense of compassion. Kindness and consideration are key factors that help a caregiver be successful in fulfilling that role. Caregiving is a challenging…

Peg Duchesne

Marketing Strategist, Communications Consultant. Message Therapist, I massage words to make communications count. Caregiver. BANK = my Tool! NABK

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